Introduction to Dak Glong

Dak Glong is a large district and also one of the most developed tourism districts located in the Southeast of Dak Nong province. Dak Nong province is located at the southwestern gateway of the Central Highlands, at the end of the Truong Son range, 125 km from Buon Ma Thuot city along Highway 14, about 250 km from Saigon to the south.

With a special geographical position, bordering many provinces such as Lam Dong and Dak Lak, Dak Glong possesses diverse geological topography as well as many beautiful landscapes, becoming a destination attracting many tourists. Dak Glong is a heroic epic land with never-ending stories, this land still contains mysteries and wonderful beauties. You can travel to Dak Glong almost any time of the year because each season here brings a very unique beauty.

You can travel in Dak Glong almost any time of the year because each season here brings a very unique beauty. Accordingly, the Dak Glong travel experience about the weather you should know is that the rainy season here will start from April to the end of November, although it will be more difficult to move, it is the right time for you to enjoy the weather. Enjoy the feeling of conquering large white waterfalls in the middle of thousands of Dak Glong. The dry season is from December to the end of March next year, the weather is dry, and suitable for you to move around to visit and explore other tourist attractions. Especially, do not forget to choose the right time to travel to enjoy the brilliant flower seasons of the Central Highlands such as yellow cassia, wild sunflowers in November, or coffee flowers in full bloom in March.

Traveling to Dak Glong in particular and Dak Nong in general is a great opportunity for you to return to the majestic mountains and forests, mingle with beautiful nature to find moments of peace, tranquility, and lightness.


Transport to Dak Glong

If going from Ho Chi Minh City, you can travel by car, motorbike, or bus to the center of Gia Nghia city and then continue on Highway 28 through Quang Khe district to reach the territory of Dak Glong district. In addition, you can also depart from Gia Lai, Buon Ma Thuot, where there are flights to many provinces and cities across the country, then check in at Gia Nghia and follow the same route. The road from Gia Nghia city to Dak Glong has many passes and slopes with beautiful and impressive mountain scenery.


What’s good to eat in Dak Glong

Dak Glong has many attractive specialties for you to enjoy, typically the "brand" dishes of the Central Highlands such as bamboo rice, bitter eggplant, forest sour bamboo shoots, Serepok river trout, wild boar grilled meat, grilled chicken…



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    Information about accommodation in Dak Glong

    You have quite a few options for accommodation when traveling to Dak Glong, depending on the route you can choose hotels and homestays in the center of Gia Nghia and then go back during the day or check in at Homestays around the Ta Dung area of Dak Glong.


    Cultural information

    In terms of culture, this is a place to keep many tangible and intangible cultural heritages of the historical value of the whole country, notably the Central Highlands gong cultural space which has been recognized by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. In addition, this land has a fairly diverse traditional culture of many ethnic groups with strong traditions and identities. The ancient customary laws, the architecture of the stilt house, the communal house, and the tomb statue still contain many fascinating mysteries.

    Entertainment in Dak Glong

    Visitors can visit Lieng Nung waterfall, Truc Lam Dao Nguyen Zen Monastery, Ea Sno lake, Dak Glong pine forest, and Dak Glong guava garden, and participate in unique traditional festivals of the local ethnic people taking place all year-round such as buffalo stabbing ceremony, alley worshiping ceremony, new rice festival...

    Ta Dung-Ha Long of the Central Highlands

    This can be said to be the top destination of Dak Glong and also a "magnet" to attract tourists to this land. Ta Dung is located in Quang Khe commune of Dak Glong district, this place includes a lake population. The majestic mountains with more than 40 large and small islands are likened to Ha Long of the Central Highlands by the wonderful scenery. The beauty of Ta Dung is a harmonious blend of green mountains and charming and poetic blue water. Coming to Ta Dung, you can drop by to admire the beautiful scenery, hunt the sunrise, and sunset or take a sightseeing boat to explore the beautiful islands, and camp overnight.

    Lieng Rom Waterfall

    Lieng Rom Waterfall is located in the Bon Phi Mur area, Quang Khe commune, which is famous for its wild and majestic appearance, typical of waterfalls in the vast green land. According to the village elders, previously wanted to visit the top of the mountain. In this waterfall, one has to overcome steep cliffs and immense forests. However, today, the road to the falls is easier and visitors can also conquer it easily.

    Dak P'lao Waterfall

    Dak P'lao Waterfall is located deep in the core area of Ta Dung National Park, so conquering this place will take a long time. However, the journey to conquer this waterfall will be great when you can explore the pristine vegetation of the old forest and see the majestic beauty of the waterfall with big rocks and a clear dreamy stream.