Introduction to Cu Vai Village 

Lying on the middle of the slope, Cu Vai village, Xa Ho commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province appears as a fairyland in the mountains of the Northwest. Cu Vai village has a separate terrain on the top of a distant mountain, covered by clouds all year round. In Thai, the name Cu Vai means the band of clouds stretching across the sky.

It's true that when you come here, you can see that Cu Vai village is lying peacefully and dreamily on the top of the mountain with epic legends. There are 46 households living in the village, of which more than 80% are H'Mong people. The road to the village is very dangerous, it is all winding and hilly roads, especially in the rainy season, making the road even more difficult to travel. Cu Vai village is located at an altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level, surrounded by mountains and white clouds.

Therefore, the daily life and culture of the people here are also separate from the noisy society outside. Thanks to that, visitors can find moments of peace for the soul. Lying entirely on a high mountain that is flattened, the village has about a few dozen households, mainly Hmong people. The arrangement of the houses in the village plus the isolation of the village bring many interesting associations when viewed from above. The roofs are built close together and are divided into two rows by a straight path in the middle. People liken Cu Vai village to a lute with the houses as the keys, others think it looks like a makeshift airport with the runway as the main road and the houses as the navigator.

Cultural information

The Mong ethnic people here still keep their traditional way of life, customs and habits. Walking on the small village road, you will encounter children playing, radiant faces, innocent eyes, carefree and especially very friendly even to strangers to visit.


Transport to Cu Vai Village

Cu Vai village is located on a towering mountain peak in Xa Ho commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province, about 250km from Hanoi and about 20km from Tram Tau, Yen Bai. Depending on your needs and travel schedule, you can choose to come to the village by private car or by bus.

If you drive by yourself, follow Google Maps in the direction of Hanoi - Nghia Lo - Tram Tau - Ban Cu Vai. In the case of choosing a bus, you can refer to the bus operators departing at My Dinh bus station, Giap Bat bus station to go to Yen Bai. After arriving, you rent a motorbike and travel more than 30km to Cu Vai village.


What’s good to eat in Cu Vai Village

Traveling to Cu Vai village, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of special dishes such as Mac Khen, stream moss, Yen Bai fried crickets, Yen Bai kitchen buffalo meat, Yen Bai sausage…

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    Information about accommodation in Cu Vai Village

    The village is covered with clouds all year round, covered by mountains and forests, and their daily and cultural life is also separate from the noisy life outside. In the village, there are mainly tiny, shack houses built in the style of the Mong people. Connecting the wooden houses is a flat road about 5m wide that runs through the village; Every 5 - 10 m, there is a high-voltage light pole; In front of each house are forest peach trees. 

    Across the path in Cu Vai village are colorful flowers planted in front of each household's door. Walking on the main road of the town, hearing the sounds of children playing, and admiring the flower path stretching along with the sounds coming from the surrounding mountains and forests make the soul strangely peaceful. Coming to Cu Vai is like being lost in a fairy village coming out of a comic book with strangely authentic beauty.

    Tips for you to travel to Cu Vai Village 

    One of the notes when exploring Ban Cu Vai, you should come here on a sunny day, and limit going in the rainy season. Because when it rains, the road is very dangerous and it is difficult for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road.


    Entertainment in Cu Vai Village

    Possessing an impressive geographical position and picturesque scenery, you can visit and feel the beauty of Cu Vai village in all four seasons of the year. Spring with the forests of peach blossoms, white plum blossoms and the chill left over from winter make you shiver.

    In the summer, the sun in Cu Vai village becomes "gentle" and not uncomfortable, but makes the landscape even more brilliant and shimmering. The northwest wind blowing from the mountains makes the air cooler. However, you should bring a light jacket to avoid low temperatures in the evening.

    Fall, around September, October is a great time to admire the "golden rice waves" stretching across the terraced fields. The golden color of the rice is intertwined with the majesty of the tall mountains, creating a ravishing scenery. The sweet fragrance of rice in the chilly autumn wind will make you "fall in love" at first sight.

    “Hunting” snow at Cu Vai village will be a great suggestion when winter comes. You can manually mold cute snowmen or take advantage of a set of virtual live photos like Europe. However, the cold here is quite bitter, you should bring a lot of warm things. Many visitors to Cu Vai once said that this is an interesting "cloud hunting" spot no less than any famous "cloud hunting" spot in Vietnam.

    If you have the opportunity to see Cu Vai from the flycam, everyone will be satisfied with the beautiful natural scenery here. The most interesting point when coming to Cu Vai is not only "hunting clouds" but also because here every season is beautiful.