Introduction to Cocachimba

The town of Cocachimba is located in the northeastern part of Peru, in the Amazonas Region, Province of Bongará, District Valera. It sits at an altitude between 1800 to 2340m metres above sea level, where the temperature ranges from 13°C to 23°C.

This community is home to a spectacular and panoramic view of the Gocta Waterfall. It is 771 meters high and is considered the third highest in the world. Although the journey is 5.5 km, it takes approximately three and a half hours to reach the waterfall. Around the Gocta waterfall there are a further 22 waterfalls which are activated in great splendor during the rainy months, from November to February. Visits to the Gocta waterfall are from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, daily.

The local villagers are duly organized to provide tourist services, of which the collaborators of this Community Based Organization (CBO) wear a uniform so you can spot them easily and are there in case you need their assistance. 

The residents of the center go daily to the farms to plant and harvest coffee and sugar cane to make panela (a natural sweetener) and chancaca, among other products. The members of the Community-Based Organization have defined shifts to provide tourist services such as donkey riding and heritage interpretation. Generally, the mud-brick built houses here, have a living room, dining room, bathrooms, and bedrooms. The main occupations of the population are in agriculture and tourism mainly due to this town being the second most visited tourist destination in the region.


Cultural information

The journey to the Gocta waterfall passes through agricultural farms, where there are plantations of fruit trees. There is also a tradition in the community of milling sugar cane with a wooden mill.

Visitors to Cocachimba can watch the local traditional dance; Danza del Gallito de la Rocas, which is named after Peru's national bird. 

Most of the villagers belong to the Adventist religion, so they do not work on Saturdays; this is in addition to the Catholic religion observations.


Top tips for your stay in Cocachimba

To get the most out of your trip to Cocachimba we highly recommend trekking to the Gocta waterfall, to the Cajuache waterfall and a visit to the "Refugio del Colibrí" observation area. Tourists to the area also particularly enjoy bird watching and horseback riding.

If you are planning to hike to the Gocta waterfall, it is necessary that you bring adequate shoes for the trekking of approximately three and a half hours, as well as sun block, hat, insect repellent and waterproof clothing if you visit the place during the rainy season (November to February). If you want to bring snacks and trekking poles it is up to you. Rain ponchos and boots can be rented from the OBC if you did not bring them with you.





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Transport to Cocachimba

To get to Cocachimba you must travel by land from the city of Chachapoyas, which takes approximately 1.5 hours. Visitors can do this journey with a combination of car from the land terminal via Pedro Ruiz, Bagua, and a stop in Cocahuayco where transportation is then made by motorcycle cabs. There are also transfers by tourist buses directly to Cocachimba.


Getting around the area

In the community, the streets are well signposted and there is also a CBO office where there are telephone numbers for transportation, and where communication facilities will be provided.


What’s good to eat in Cocachimba?

Among the special dishes that visitors should try are fried and/or grilled trout, accompanied with onion bramble, rice and boiled potatoes. The beef jerky with rice and boiled potatoes goes down well with our meat lovers and the Locro, a bean based soup, is very popular. The Puchero, made from pork skin, meat, cabbage, yucca, vituca and green beans is served at the town festival on October 16 and on other special occasions. Most of the restaurants have vegetarian options, if necessary.  There are bars in Cocachimba which open until 12:00 pm and usually have meals available, to be taken in the restaurants.


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    Cocachimba has 11 lodging establishments and 8 food establishments. The lodging capacity is 100 people, with single, double, triple, matrimonial, and quadruple rooms available. The entire community has the capacity to serve an average of 400 diners.


    Best things to do in Cocachimba

    The Gocta waterfall is a must visit tourist attraction which you can get to by trekking or horseback riding. The type of visitor that comes to this area is often the adventurous type because the waterfall trek requires you to be in a good physical condition.

    You can visit this community throughout the year, but from November to February it is the rainy season when the flow of the Gocta Waterfall increases magnificently. This makes the visit much more interesting so tourists shouldn’t rule out travelling here during the wet season. Generally, the peak visiting seasons are in the months of June and July. In spring you can also notice that the vegetation increases in the shade of green too. 

    One of our favourite recommendations is to listen to one of the heritage interpreters or muleteers who will tell you some interesting myths and legends of the place. 

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