Introduction to Chi Hamlet

Chi Hamlet is 14km from Ha Giang and has received support from the local authorities there to better serve the growing trends and demands for cultural tourism. Here in the village, visitors will find some particular experiences, unique to this part of the world.

There are 4 main ethnic groups in the hamlet; Tay people make up 96%, and the rest are Kinh, Nung, and Dao people. The local people live in spectacular stilt houses which are erected on hills and terraces. 

The decoration of the bedroom, altar, kitchen and living room in the home is specific to the ethnic culture. Tourists have found themselves in awe of this amazing place from when they first see it.

The Ong But Slope and Lay Quang Lake for example, offer the best view of the sunset or are an idyllic spot for chilling out or doing a spot fishing.

Cultural Information 

Why not try your hand at a new skill when you have ago at the traditional brocade weaving of the Tay people. The skillful hands of Tay women have created unique patterns on fabrics, blankets and cushions for years and they can be chosen by tourists, for their favorite patterns to be bought as souvenirs. Visitors can also participate in many traditional games such as tossing the ball (throwing the ball), banning the crossbow (shooting the crossbow), stilts (walking on stilts), playing cards (pushing sticks) and many other games.


Transport to Chi Hamlet

Chi village, Xuan Giang commune, is 14 km from the centre of Quang Binh district town, Ha Giang Province, located along the axis of Provincial Road 183 and can be accessed by car.

Getting around the area

Chi village is blessed with wonderful landscapes such as Ong But slope and Lay Quang lake where visitors can watch the sunset, admire the shimmering beauty of stalactites, or go fishing, wading, or just walking around Lay Quang lake.


What’s good to eat in Chi Hamlet?

In addition to the unique cultural features, one thing that makes visitors remember Xuan Giang is the traditional dishes of the Tay ethnic group such as lam rice, stone moss, bamboo shoots, buffalo meat, Bong fish, Ban chicken, black pig, wild vegetables, smoked pork, etc., especially famous corn wine delicious throughout the region.

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    Information about accommodation in Ang Hamlet

    That unique feature is shown first in the design of the house on stilts, from the way the house is built with the back leaning against the mountain facing the field to the layout inside the house on stilts from the restroom, the altar, the kitchen, and the space. Receiving guests and displaying traditional living tools are in the old house style.

    Talking about the Tay people, it is impossible not to mention the traditional brocade weaving with the talented hands of the Tay girls who have created unique patterns, the needles and stitches on the loom have embroidered the sheets. fabrics, blankets, cushions and those are the souvenirs that visitors here are spoiled for choice.