Introduction to Cat Cat village

Cat Cat consists of nearly 80 households of the Mong ethnic community, located along the stone road in the center of the village, some others are scattered precariously on the mountain slope. This village is the convergence of three tortuous streams murmuring all day and night. The three streams named Tien Sa, Golden and Silver pour into an impressive waterfall called Cat Cat Fall. Si Bridge and A Lu Bridge are two chain bridges crossing the fall and also the stopping point for tourists to go sightseeing and take gorgeous photos.

Cultural information

Coming to Cat Cat Village on the first day of the lunar new year, visitors get a good chance to participate in a festival called Gau Tao, when people celebrate the new year and pray for blessings and happiness. Gau Tao is the largest festival of the Mong people in the year; it reflects the cultural and spiritual life of the ethnic people.

In Cat Cat Village the locals still maintain a variety of unique cultural practices, including the rather interesting custom “abducting wife”. When a boy falls in love with a girl, he will invite his friends to a party, then they will make a plan to “abduct” the girl and keep her for three days. If the girl agrees to be the boy’s wife, they will get married; if not, they will make friends and everything will be back to normal.

In addition to rice cultivation, the Mong people in Cat Cat Village also preserve their traditional crafts such as weaving, knitting household items, carving silver and forging agricultural tools. Coming to Cat Cat Village, tourists will have a chance to visit the exhibition area of traditional handicraft products. The exclusive and meticulous items made by skillful craftsmen is the confirmation of the typical culture that has been conserved through many generations.


Transport to  Cat Cat village

To reach the village, tourists can go by motorbike or on a coach. It takes you about 5 hours to go by coach and nearly 9 hours to get to Sa Pa by motorbike, from Hanoi. Cat Cat Village is about 2 kilometers from Sapa Town, a famous tourist destination which is 376 kilometers from Hanoi city center.


What’s good to eat in  Cat Cat village?

Visitors to Cat Cat village can enjoy special dishes such as thang co, khang gai, chicken blood, grilled stream fish, frog cooked with bamboo sprouts, and corn wine.Corn wine is a special thing that should not be missed in Northwest Vietnam in general and Cat Cat Village in particular. This wine is made with the own recipe of the locals, containing all the taste and smell of life and nature in Cat cat Village.

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    The houses of Mong people in Cat Cat Village lean against the mountainside, each house is only several meters from the other. A typical house has three rooms with three horizontal trusses placed on stones. The roof and walls of the house are made of wood.

    The house includes three doors; the main door is in the middle, and two other ones are on the two sides. The main door of the house is only opened on important occasions such as weddings, funerals, Tet, and holidays. The homes of the Mong people comprise a shining room, an attic floor for food storage, a kitchen, a sleeping place, and a guest reception place. One thing that is unique in the houses in Cat Cat Village is the mortars run by water power.


    Best things to do in Cat Cat Village 

    The most interesting thing you should not miss is visiting Cat Cat Fall. Water from Hoang Lien Son Mountain flows through three streams and then pours into the fall like a silky ribbon of the jungle. From a distance, you can hear the buzzing of the fall, which sounds like the welcoming song of Cat Cat Village. Stopping at the bridges next to Cat Cat fall, admiring its charming and even tiptoeing on the stream banks will bring you amazing experiences. 

    The giant water wheels in Cat Cat Village are made of bamboo in order to utilize water power to pound rice. Besides that main purpose, the wheels in Cat Cat Village is also a place of interest for tourists to discover. Travelers coming to this village should not miss the chance to watch the revolving wheels and listen to the creaking and murmuring sound; that is the harmony of the locals and nature.

    The Mong’s house is called “House Presentation”. If you find an intriguing house in Cat Cat Village, don’t hesitate to ask the owners for permission to enter their houses. You will be given an opportunity not only to discover the typical architecture in house-building of this ethnic but also to talk and listen to the stories of the local residents.