Introduction to the Bang Kor Bua community

The Bang Kor Bua community is the charm of the waterfront of Khung Bang Kachao Samut Prakan Province.  It is said that in the past, most of the area was plain with a lot of lotus flowers growing in the swamps of Lampradong, so the general public called it "Bang Kor Bua". The main part of the journey is densely covered with trees. Therefore, it has been improved to be a tourist route to study nature along both sides of the canal.


Transport to the Bang Kor Bua community

For those traveling by public transport, take the BTS to Bang Na station. Walk to Wat Bang Na Nok to take the ferry to Bang Krachao. (There are many piers to choose from according to convenience.)

For those traveling by private car Take Suksawat Road to Phra Pradaeng T-junction. Turn left onto Nakhon Khuean Khan Road, a distance of 1 kilometer to the front of Phra Pradaeng District Office. Turn left and take Phet Hueng Road, a distance of 7 km into the Bang Ko Bua Sub-district.


What’s good to eat in the Bang Kor Bua community

The visitors can realize the abundance of this place which is reflected through various food menus which are all from raw materials in the community. Especially the great menu “Crispy coconut curry with fresh shrimp” is a rare curry because it requires the use of a soft coconut shell or called “Crispy coconut” to be sliced ​​and curried with a deliciously fragrant spicy curry paste.  There is also a menu of Steamed fish on Yoi leaves mellow taste Sweet and firm fish, tamarind chili paste with side vegetables, freshly boiled bitter gourd, and end with an omelet.

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    Entertainment in the Bang Kor Bua community

    Experience the way of life of the Bang Kor Bua community Through the Klong Phae River

    Learn how to make a fresh herbal compress ball.

    • No. 1 in herbs of Ban Bang Kor Bua "Luk Praprab" is considered a local wisdom that has been used to relax muscles and relieve pain since ancient times. In Bang Kor Bua will bring a fresh compress to massage the neck, shoulders, shoulders, and back, which are the muscles that are used quite heavily, especially office syndrome symptoms which is a lot among employees. 
    • As for the compress, there are ingredients such as lemongrass, turmeric, tamarind leaves, plai, etc. Fresh herbal compress has more medicinal properties than dried herbs because the drug will absorb into the skin better. For tourists who do not want to get a massage, they can sit and eat snacks by the water which will be a unique menu in each season 

    Worshiping Luang Phu Mhuen at Wat Bang Kor Bua

    • Prostrate Luang Pu Muean Wat Bang Korbua which is respected by Buddhists. Wat Bang Kor Bua was built in the late Ayutthaya period, formerly known as "Wat Bang Ka Bua". Later changed its name to Wat Bang Kor Bua according to the subdistrict name.

    Visit Ban Khlong Bon Museum 

    • Learn history through antique collectibles is another good activity. Khlong Bon Folk Museum is a museum to learn about local life. Which is quite difficult to find at present collecting silverware porcelain pottery, kitchenware, gardening tools, and ancient currency for many decades. 

    Making natural tie-dye cloth

    • Make tie-dye fabric from natural colors that can be found in the local area, including yellow from nipa palm seed, Curcuma, red/pink from sappan, and brown from coconut husk.

    Cruising the Klong Pae canal and learning the lifestyle of the community

    • In the past, Klong Phae was a canal that looked like a trading transportation route between Bang Kor Bua and Khlong Toei Pier. But when there is a road in the community, the importance of the canal has diminished. Bang Kor Bua people came up with the idea of preserving the canal by conserving and restoring the route by canalizing for about 1 kilometer to make it an important ecological attraction of the Bang Kor Bua community.