Introduction to Bang Chao Cha Community

Coming to Bang Chao Cha Community is the gem of premium Thai handicrafts hidden amongst a small community. Ang Thong Province is outstanding in terms of art made from bamboo and rattan. By using Suk-Suk-Kak bamboo to hammer a thin line of natural yellow color. When weaving a pattern, we get a piece of beautiful detail combined with a modern product design. 


Transport to Bang Chao Cha Community

From Pho Thong District, take Highway No. 3454 towards Tha Chang District, Sing Buri Province for about 1.5 km. Find the intersection to Bang Chao Cha Village on the right. And then turn for about 1 km to reach the tourist service center.


What’s good to eat in Bang Chao Cha Community

If tourists come in large groups The great lunch menus here are Kaeng Liang, Pickled Fish Soup with Bamboo Shoots, Crow Chili Paste, Bua Sai in Coconut Milk Soup with Mackerel

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    Entertainment in Bang Chao Cha Community

    Riding E-Tan's car and watching the local village and big rubber tree - Rot E Taen of this area is well-roofed and roomy. It takes you around the village, such as a 200-year-old rubber tree that is considered to be the tree of Bang Chao Cha, Krathon Park, Ban Kru Od, and Ban Pa Pum.

    The next check-in point of the E-Tan tour is Krathon Phan Thong Bai Yai Garden - Bang Chao Cha's famous Krathon breed With a sweet smell, santol meat, soft, fluffy, and not hard. And most importantly, there is an extra large size, weighing up to half a kilogram for anyone who wants to come and taste the santon face. June will be the time when the santol is fully ripe. 

    Cooking local food - Kaeng Kathi Saibua Pla Thu is the menu of Ang Thong's local dishes and vegetables which can be found in the Noi River.

    Touring herbal farm and herbal product from Aunt Poom, the Most popular massager of Bang Chao Cha - Visit the herb farm from "Ban Pa Pum" or "Apa Preechakul", a group that are famous for their Thai massage. At first, their intention of massage is to heal their injury, so they learned and become knowledgeable in Thai massage.

    Touring local products at the OTOP center in the Bang Chao Cha subdistrict - Visit and shop for handicrafts from the villagers. They offer a wide range of bamboo and rattan products, export-grade craftsmanship, as well as products from the farmer's housewives, one product in one district which is easy for tourists to purchase.