Introduction to Ban Tha Khao Community

Ban Tha Khao is located in Phang Nga province. Ko Yao Noi Sub-district, Ko Yao District. People who live in Koh Yao Noi have been told that they are immigrants from Trang and that most of the people here are Muslims. There is a simple but charming way of life in the place which can be shown to any tourists who come to visit and to experience the relaxed lifestyle here, through interesting activities.

Cultural information

Ban Tha Khao community still preserves many national identities such as pandan weaving, and batik painting, from the skills of the local craftsmanship. Pandan basketry uses pandan leaves, slender leaves with thorns are used and there are many steps to complete the basket. Batik painting is an originally southern skill that wins the hearts of tourists with its unique colorful patterns, including cultural identities that are tinged onto the fabric, indicating the identity of each community. In Ban Tha Khao the highlight here is the gag bird pattern. which is a bird in the hornbill family.


Transport to Ban Tha Khao Community

For those traveling by private car, the journey can be navigated by GPS to 3 convenient piers, namely Customs House Pier in Phang Nga Province, Tha Len Pier in Krabi Province, and Bang Rong Pier in Phuket Province. We recommend going to Krabi and Phuket as it is more convenient for parking and there are a lot of boat trips throughout the day. When you reach the pier at Koh Yao Noi, visitors should contact the community to pick them up.

For those traveling by public transport, you can take a public bus to the province that has 3 convenient piers: Tha Dan Customs Pier in Phang Nga province, Tha Lane Pier in Krabi province, and Bang Rong Pier in Phuket province. Take a minibus from Phang Nga city market and get off at Ban Tha Dan Pier where you will get on a large long-tailed boat, traveling around 12.00 noon – 12.30 pm. Once per day from Phuket City Municipal Fresh Market to Bang Rong Pier, there is a cross-island boat transfer. From Krabi, you can take a minibus from Ban Talat Kao, Muang District to Tha Len Pier to connect a boat to cross the island. When coming to the island side, visitors can contact the community to pick them up.


What’s good to eat in Ban Tha Khao Community?

Visitors can enjoy the rustic dishes of the locals in Ban Tha Khao such as fish curry with Mong Phak Chon fish, mixed vegetable soup, spicy fish salad, Nam Prik Joon, fried mackerel, and coconut bua loy young,...

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    Best Things to do in Ban Tha Khao Community 

    Get to know the people of the Tha Khao community at the Ban Tha Khao Community Tourism Information Centre. At the Ban Tha Khao Community Tourist Information Centre, the females wear colorful headscarves and wait to greet visitors. You can use the local word, which is an alternative word to address an aunt or a sister "Mah is mother" and "Ka" is used to refer to a sister. Visitors can try their hand at pandan weaving and batik painting, from the wisdom of the skilled craftsmanship here. Since fishing is the main source of living for the community here, why not try making fish traps, created by nature and ancient wisdom. A lot of learning about the technique and the tools can be shared here.

    Another amazing thing to do in the area is to take visit Tha Khao Waterfall, the big waterfall of Koh Yao Noi. On the way, you will ride a trailer along Tha Khao beach, turn into a narrow road and walk just less than 50m to a waterfall - great for all the family.

    If you are interested in cooking or have a sweet tooth you can sneak into the basement of the house with "Ma Ma Na" to learn how to make Thai desserts with shrimp paste, a lovely souvenir from Tha Khao. Find out from the experienced locals how to make caterpillar candy too.

    One of the most incredible things to do is to be amazed by the rice fields in the middle of the sea at Koh Yao Noi. Who would have thought that they would come across a vast rice field surrounded by mountain views on an island in the middle of the Andaman Sea. Bang said Koh Yao people are very proud to be able to preserve and continue the way of wet rice farming for Koh Yao people. Since the people of Koh Yao have a relationship with farming from their ancestors 100 years ago, farming is considered to create food security for the people on the island and cultivates for consumption. The rest is sold, in addition, Koh Yao Noi rice has a delicious taste like no other due to the sea water seeping through. Try it and we think you will love it.

    Top Tips for your stay in Ban Tha Khao Community

    Visitors can check the appropriate activities for each period and contact the community in advance so that the community can prepare for each activity completely.