Introduction to Ban Sook Somboon Community-Based Tourism

Ban Suk Somboon is located near Thap Lan National Park which covers mountains and mounds. Ban Suk Somboon is 400-700 meters above sea level. It has beautiful scenery of abundant nature, a cool atmosphere of around 27 Celsius, and a small river nearby which is the source of the Mun River and the Bang Pakong River.

Ban Suk Somboon used to be called Ban Huai Kamin due to its location near the Huai Kamin River, which has many Yellow Turmeric trees scattered along the river. That is the reason why the village used to be called Ban Huai Kamin. 

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    Entertainment in Ban Sook Somboon Community-Based Tourism

    Suan Loong Krai

    • Lung Krai Chom Noi's garden is a non-toxic vegetable garden market year-round. It is more than 15 rai of land, especially with six various vegetables of salads such as Salinas Lettuce salads, Cos salads, Green Oak, Red oak, Red leaf, and Butterhead. In addition to salad vegetables, there are queen tomatoes, beef tomatoes, and cabbage. sweet corn, pumpkin, beetroot, etc.

    Activity for making salted egg and sour mushroom 

    • Learn how to make salted eggs and “Naem Het” (mushroom sour pork) from the Ban Suk Somboon community. They are used for eating in a household or distributing to increase household income.

    Huay Khamin reservoir

    • The sunrise spot was created by Rural Development Office to serve as a water source for the community. In addition, it benefits the well-being of the community. Huai Khamin Reservoir is also a recreation of the villagers in the community.

    Wang Nam Keaw Farm

    • Wang Nam Khieo farm is an integrated tourist attraction with a wide range of activities to study, both public and private. There are speakers and lecturers welcoming tourists.

    Watching Pha Kep Tawan

    • Pha Kep Tawan is located in Thap Lan National Park, Thai Samakkhi subdistrict, WangNamKhiao subdistrict, and the Nakhon Ratchasima. It is the major border of Prachinburi and Nakhon Ratchasima, one of the most beautiful scenic spots of Thap Lan National Park.

    Activity for planting by catapult shooting

    • Planting forests with catapult activity including, Macakin seeds and Lan seeds or “Look Lan”. When shooting these seeds into the forest, they grow up naturally.