Introduction to the village

The resort “Arkhyz” is located in the Karachay-Cherkessia region on the eastern border of the Western Caucasus. From all sides, the resort “Arkhyz” is surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, to which it owes its crystal-clear air. In winter, the air temperature rarely drops below -10 degrees, and in summer it stays at +15. This area is characterized by a diverse and unique nature. There are at least 140 species of shrubs and trees. In the upper reaches of Kizgych, there is a small fir forest in which mushrooms and berries grow.

Also, this area is home to bison, bears, wild cats, lynxes, wolves, wild boars, tours, Caucasian deer, chamois, foxes, and martens. In addition, over 150 species of birds live in this area. The real natural wonder of Arkhyz is the Sofia Lakes. The path to them runs through the picturesque Taulu Valley. After overcoming a long way, you will get to a glade with a view of Mount Sofia and the Cheget-Chat ridge. Here you can admire the amazing waterfalls and the lakes, which change their color depending on the weather. It can be both sky blue and dark blue.

Cultural information

There are many nationalities living in the Karachay-Cherkess region. So, representatives of about 100 nationalities live here.

The Arkhyz Resort is a tourist center with a long history. Local residents adhere to traditions similar to the authentic traditions and customs of the peoples of the Caucasus. The main traditional activities of the Karachai people are animal husbandry, as well as arable terraced agriculture with artificial irrigation.

The crafts of the Karachai people are cloth-making, making felt hats, production of patterned felts, carpets, weaving mats, knitted woolen products, processing of skins, hides, wood and stone carving, and gold sewing. One of the fundamental and most important parts of the traditional everyday culture of the mountaineers of the locals is the custom of welcoming guests.


Means of transportation to the village

You can get to the resort from central Russia by plane or train.

The cities of the regions of the North Caucasus Federal District are connected to Arkhyz by a network of bus routes.

In addition, visitors can purchase a Single Ticket (plane or train by option + bus), which allows you to immediately get a ticket for a transfer from the airport or train station straight to the Village.

You can also come to the resort in your own car or use the taxi service.

On the territory of the Resort, guests can use parking lots: T / d “Romantic”, T / d “Lunnaya Polyana”

How to get around in the surrounding areas

Any of the attractions of Arkhyz can be reached on foot. There are two tourist villages in Arhhyz – “Romantic” and “Lunnaya Polyana”, which are connected by a road and a 1.5 km long tourist promenade.

Once the visitors wish to get up the mountains, ziplines are available for different routes.

The ski area of the Arkhyz resort consists of the Southern and Northern slopes and two tourist villages between them — the Romantic Glade and the Lunnaya Glade. The resort has seven cable cars, a chairlift, and a gondola.

The gondola brings the guests to an observation deck of the Southern slope at an altitude of 2240 meters above sea level. The ride takes about 11 minutes. Tourist routes diverge from the observation deck in all directions, including 3 different paths.


Cuisine in the village

Arkhyz is famous for its wide range of authentic and unique local Caucasian cuisine. You will find dishes from seasonal homegrown vegetables and fruits, an extensive meat menu (steaks, barbecue menu, sherpa soup, manti), and fish straight from the local mountain river (for example trout from a special local eco-pond).

The majority of food is a halal certificate. If you are not very keen on trying specialties, there is always an option for a European menu. A children’s menu is also available.

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    Information about accommodation in Arkhyz 

    Currently, the Village has more than 30 households of different types (with food included in a restaurant or buffet-style cooking) and more than 11 restaurants additionally. Depending on the type of stay, the accommodation can host a minimum of 30 families each. 

    The majority of stays vary from luxury hotel rooms and villas to guesthouses and tour camps. 

    All accommodations are adapted with hot and cold water, bathrooms, wi-fi, and heaters. Parking lots and rentals can be found in the area.

    Tips for staying in the village

    Depending on the visiting season, guests should bring either ski equipment for the winter season or tracking/ camping equipment for exploring nature in the warm seasons. No need to buy it before your trip, there are enough rental spots for everyone.

    As for the non-winter season, the rental service is located in the Romantic service center, where you can rent segways, bicycles, scooters, gyro scooters and children ATVs - for the youngest guests.


    Entertainment in the village

    Apart from active leisure, there are plenty of Annual art and music festivals: the “Rhythm of the mountains”, “Music in the Mountains” and the Bard song festival are welcome for music lovers. Artists can visit the “Arhyz open-air art festival”. Check the calendar for precise dates.

    Every tourist can visit the resort “Arkhyz” at any time of the year, but the most popular is the ski season. In the winter season, the resort has 27 km of trails of different difficulty levels: “green” trails for beginners, “blue” - for more experienced skiers and snowboarders; for professionals, complex trails of “red” difficulty levels are provided, and for extreme – “black” slopes. Almost all tracks are equipped with an artificial snowmaking system. In addition, there is a skating rink for fans of ice skating, cheesecakes, etc. Also, in addition to skiing and snowboarding in the resort, there are other places to visit. 

    The largest azimuth telescope in the Russian Federation is located in Nizhny Arkhyz, which belongs to the Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, installed on the mountain slope of Pastukhov Peak, just 45 km from the village. The observatory is also surprises with its size. This is a 50-meter tower with a diameter of 44 m. For tourists, fascinating excursions are conducted here, it is possible to sign up for a night or day tour.

    There are three picturesque mountain lakes not far from the Sofia Waterfalls.  The water in the Sofia lakes has a beautiful turquoise hue, it is clean and transparent, and the nature around them is amazingly beautiful.

    The cultural heritage of Karachay-Cherkessia is the “Alan Christian Center in the North Caucasus”, which includes monumental temples erected by Byzantine craftsmen in the X century. These Christian religious buildings are the oldest on the territory of Russia. The original interior decoration of the temples was destroyed forever, only elements of frescoes and ancient plaster survived.

    The resort has several cable cars, including:

    • Sputnik - a four-seat chairlift, the length of the route is approximately 900 m.
    • “The Milky Way” is a gondola lift with cabins for 8 seats and a route length of almost 2, 4 km.
    • “Lunar Express” is a six-seat chairlift, and the length of the route is more than 2 km.
    • “Northern Lights” is a lift with cabins for 10 seats, which carries to a height of 2.5 km.

    The cable cars “Milky Way” and “Sputnik” work all year round, it is possible to climb them to the observation platforms and enjoy the mountain views.

    Some suggested tours to experience in the village

    Apart from the main skiing and tracking activities, Arkhyz invites guests to visit the following nature sightseeing spots:

    • Fedoseev Pass and Dinnick Peak – a beautiful tracking route, which can be covered from 2 to 4 hours
    • Sofia mountain lakes and the Sofia waterfalls 
    • The Dukkin lakes
    • The Teberdean national park is an ecosystem that is a part of the UNESCO nature reserve.
    • The Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences( the largest observatory in Russia for deep space observation)
    • A rupestral image of Christ in the mountains, part of a Byzantium culture, dated mid-6th century AD.
    • The Alan temples of Lower Arkhyz are dated to the 10th century.
    • Nizhne-Arkhyz settlement ruins and Museum of Historical and Cultural Heritage.