Introduction to Ang Hamlet

Ang Hamlet is famous as a wild tourist destination of the Moc Chau plateau, it is only about 2 km from the center of Moc Chau town in the direction of Highway 43, so it is not too difficult to get to.

As a wild forest, Ang Hamlet pine forest owns a fairly large area of up to 43 hectares, including many small pine forests combined together, stretching so far that it is difficult to see the top with the naked eye.

As seen above, Ang Hamlet is as beautiful as a watercolor painting. There are traditional stilt houses, hidden under the vast green foliage. Next to the village is a natural lake with an area of ​​5 hectares surrounded by green pine forests, planted on red-brown Feralit hills. In the distance, the scenery of the Moc Chau plateau, especially in spring, with tea hills, green meadows, ban flowers, apricot flowers, and plum blossoms in the white forest adorned the natural beauty of Ang hamlet.

Cultural Information

Visiting the hamlet, tourists can learn about many unique customs, habits, dances, ancient folk songs, rites, and festivals, such as “New Rice” and “Het Cha” (a festival for the solidarity of the ethnic community before spring comes). The Thai ethnic people, whose traditions and culture have been preserved and remain intact for years, have some very interesting experiences to show to any visitor who would like to know more. Visitors are welcome to immerse themselves in to living with the locals, enjoying their delicious dishes and drinking the local wine.


What’s good to eat in Ang Hamlet?

Coming to Ang village, visitors can experience daily life, stay in a traditional stilt house, lie on cotton pads, and enjoy Thai specialties. From mountain products, Thai people in Ang village can process 40-50 different types of dishes. Enjoy local specialties such as: Can wine, lam rice, pa pinh top (grilled fish), smoked meat, veal chao, "sticky rice with love, yeast wine, bamboo fish '',  and dishes from wild vegetables. In the drunken yeast of the can wine jar, visitors can hold hands and dance by the flickering fire in the middle of poetic nature.


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    The most interesting thing about Ang village ecotourism is in the pine forest located next to a romantic lake, creating the peaceful scenery of a highland village. People compare Ang Lake as a mirror of the four-season weather. In the early morning, the lake surface is covered with a thin layer of pure dew, at noon, the sun is flooded with a yellow color like the weather of summer, but in the afternoon, the dew pulls back, it is cold early in winter. The most beautiful are the moonlit nights, the pine shade shines on the lake, the sound of the pine rings, echoing somewhere the flute calling for a mate of the ethnic boys.

    The pine forest of Ang village is also the place where many festivals of the people here take place such as the Het Cha festival, the special festival of the Thai people, or the Lua Moi festival…. Many attractive cultural activities take place here, and traveling to this place is also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the special festivals here.