Introduction to A Nor  

Located in Hong Kim commune, A Nor community-based ecotourism site is about 3km from A Luoi district and 60 km from Hue city. It is a community-based ecotourism site which provides resort and local cultural experience. Not too far from the village, the flowing waterfall of A Nor actually has three waterfalls of different heights and is a perfect place for swimming and relaxing. On the way to the waterfall, visitors may enjoy the green forest, corn and cassava fields amongst the hills. Visiting A Nor community-based ecotourism site, visitors have a chance to listen to epic stories, learn more about local life and gastronomy. As A Nor village contributed to the resistance against the American empire, visitors may also visit remaining historical relics.

Cultural Information
A Nor village is home to the Pa Co ethnic group with rich traditional identity such as folk signings, A Rieu Piing festival, A Rieu A Da festival, and other daily customs and folk games. You can still experience the culture and rituals alive in the village today.


Transport to A Nor 

From the center of Hue city, drive along Highway 49. At the Red Bot junction, you will reach the majestic A Co pass. Crossing the pass is the territory of A Luoi. Here you will discover the wonderful beauty of A Nor waterfall.


What’s good to eat in A Nor Village?

Coming to A Nor, visitors will enjoy the delicious local cuisine of the people here, such as grilled fish and sticky rice. The dishes made from insects processed by the local people are especially delicious and a unique gastronomical experience for many visitors.

The rice tray on Tet holiday of the Cotu has many dishes and drinks with strong mountain flavor such as hoe cake (buffalo croissant, dot cake), zará (including vegetables, bamboo shoots, wild meat... put into the tube. cooked fresh bamboo), grilled meat, stream fish, ta cauldron wine, banana wine, can wine... Not only has the characteristic flavor of the mountains and forests where the Cotu community lives, but it also expresses the desire for a prosperous life, bountiful crops, and peaceful villages.

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    The community eco-tourism site A Nor village has traditional culinary services at the Homestay, the scale of welcoming more than 30 guests staying overnight, around the waterfall are arranged 24 huts serving food for visitors. Stream bathing with experience services such as: with A Quat cake package (love cake), shampooing, steaming teeth with medicinal herbs, shoveling stream fish, campfire cultural exchange program with relatives, pounding rice and sieved rice, waterfall bathing, and some agricultural products, typical products of the Pa Co people.