Introduction to A Lu commune 

A Lu commune is a border highland commune, located about 100 km from Bat Xat town, Lao Cai province. Thanks to that, the climate in the commune is cool all year round, gradually becoming colder and harsher when winter comes, sometimes the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius. Although located in a remote land, people's lives are still difficult, but the beautiful scenery in Y Ty is a reason for tourists to overcome all difficulties to come here. 

Anyone who has ever explored the destinations in Bat Xat will surely remember very well the majestic and magnificent natural picture of this highland district. In A Lu, too, the commune in the far northwest region welcomes visitors with tall green mountains with strange shapes piled on top of each other. Interwoven with the mountainous landscape are lush rice fields, spreading along the foothills and hillsides, embracing the houses and villages of indigenous people.

Like many other localities in Bat Xat, people in A Lu commune mainly grow terraced fields on rugged mountainous terrain. The fields curved along the hillside, like rolling waves. Compared to a Sapa that has professionalized in tourism, A Lu appears with all the beauty of peace, rustic and simple.


Transport to A Lu commune

In the journey to discover A Lu Bat Xat, visitors will see firsthand the beauty of the strongly divided terrain here. With an altitude of 700-1000 meters above sea level, A Lu commune owns many high mountains, creating difficult terrain, and making it difficult for visitors to travel.


What’s good to eat in A Lu commune

Like many other lands, when visiting A Lu, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy many unique specialties that cannot be found everywhere.

- During the rainy season around April - May, shiitake mushrooms will appear in the forest, and local people will pick mushrooms to sell in restaurants or dry them for tourists to easily bring back as gifts when traveling to A Lu commune. With a delicious mushroom flavor, unique characteristics will surely make you unforgettable the first time you enjoy it.

- Referring to the delicious dishes at A Lu, Ha Nhi beer is a specialty drink not to be missed, different from the taste of all other beers. This beer is produced by the Ha Nhi people according to the traditional recipe with a combination of fresh forest fruits. After a period of incubation, you can drink it directly and do not need to worry about headaches.

- In A Lu commune, the traditional Thang Co dish made from the human flesh of the Mong people is very popular. With the combination of meat and offal and the right spices, this dish is also highly appreciated by many visitors.

- Brassica oleracea is a fairly common vegetable in the Northwest with its dark green color, which is easy to eat. This vegetable is usually prepared by stir-frying, boiling, or eating with hot pot dishes. These dishes are both delicious, nutritious, and healthy.

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    Information about accommodation in A Lu commune

    Although not yet developed strongly in tourism, the A Lu commune has gradually become a favorite destination for many tourists. In A Lu commune, people have invested in homestays so that tourists can stay when they come here to enjoy and admire the scenery.

    In this commune, people mainly grow terraced fields and cardamom fields to improve their lives. Coming here, you can roam around the green rice fields, and walk under the canopy of the old forest to smell the fragrant cardamom. Spending time enjoying nature is the best thing for visitors when exploring A Lu commune. 

    During their stay at A Lu commune, in addition to sightseeing and eating delicious food, visitors can also spend time learning about the lifestyle of local people. 


    Entertainment in A Lu commune

    It is best to explore A Lu Bat Xat spontaneously instead of planning too meticulously. This place has not developed strong tourism, there are not many reviews or travel experiences like in other places. Maybe it's these improvisations that open you up to countless valuable experiences. 

    Along the way to A Lu, in addition to the beautiful scenery of the mountains and terraced fields, visitors also encounter simple houses in the highlands, and Mong farmers are working in the fields. All these rustic and idyllic things are not found in busy cities, only in the far northwest region.

    According to the Lao Cai travel experience that many tourists share, autumn is a very beautiful time to travel here. Therefore, prepare to return to A Lu from September to October. That is the time when the rice fields are ripe and romantic, creating a beautiful scene that makes people irresistible.

    When coming to A Lu, you definitely have to take the time to watch the sunset here. When the sun gradually goes to sleep, the whole sky is covered with orange-yellow colors and then turns red. The majestic scenery of the mountains and the rice fields gradually became more fanciful and magical just before darkness covered everything.

    When traveling to A Lu commune on the occasion of July - September, you can encounter different festivals. In particular, the “ Kho Gia Gia” Festival is known as a long-standing cultural feature of the Ha Nhi people, with the purpose of praying for the harvest and rain. Thanks to its unique characteristics, this festival was recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage on 19th December  2014 and belongs to the type of traditional festival. The festival not only has the meaning of praying for crops, praying for favorable weather, but also an opportunity to show respect to ancestors. With its own characteristics, the festival has now attracted many visitors every year.