Standards for linking with regional economies

  • Local community members dominate employment in CBT initiatives.
  • Local/regional sourcing of products and services dominates CBT initiatives.
  • Local community products are used in preference to imports (e.g., locally produced vs mass-produced souvenirs).
  • Strong cooperation with other CBTs and regional private and government organizations exists to increase regional tourism.

Standards for maintaining cultural integrity and enriching valued cultural

  • Cultural assets of significance to the local community and valued cultural traditions are identified, documented and endorsed by relevant communities.
  • Programs exist to authentically present, enhance and retain local cultural traditions towards protecting cultural integrity, identity and values.
  • Practices ensure that all rules, regulations, and laws relevant to the protection of culture and heritage are followed.
  • CBT management supports the retention of traditional livelihoods and initiatives that create alternative livelihoods.
  • A code of visitor behavior exists to inform visitors of appropriate behavior within communities.
  • A community decision-making process exists that identifies what cultural assets and traditions will be shared with visitors.


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