The primary product of tourism is not something produced by the industry. The product is often the heritage, wealth, and expected legacy of the community that serves as the tourist destination. The business activity of the tourism industry is to promote the ‘saleable’ or appealing aspects of the community, transport non-residents into the community, manage the hospitality for and guide the activities of these visitors, and provide them with goods and services to purchase during their stay.

  • Define the product. It is important to be clear about community assets the product will be based around and what activities and experiences the community is ‘selling’. This includes ensuring the product on offer is one that will help the community achieve its CBT goals.
  • Know the target market. Characterizing the target market will inform product development and marketing and ensure management of the CBT operation meets community objectives.
  • Tailor marketing strategies to the visitors you want to attract. Ensure the marketing message accurately reflects the values the community is seeking to promote through the CBT operation. Make use of forms of communication likely to be accessible and appealing to the desired visitors.
  • Be aware of and develop links with other tourist attractions and experiences in the surrounding area. Consider how the CBT experience complements other local or regional activities when designing and marketing the product, and identify what value this particular product adds to other tourist experiences.


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