CBT is most likely to succeed where surrounding areas offer complementary tourism experiences. For the international market in particular, tourists are unlikely to invest substantial funds and time to travel and visit one CBT site. This is important for both product development and marketing, as the most successful approach is likely to be one that demonstrates how a particular CBT experience fits with other nearby tourist attractions. In addition, positioning the CBT product as complementary to surrounding tourist activities can assist with marketing.

Review surrounding tourism destinations
An assessment of likely direct or indirect tourism competition in the destination or region can provide a picture of the challenges and opportunities available. If places in the region or on common travel itineraries offer similar products and services then it will be important for CBT operation to consider what they can offer that is different.

Investigate trends and possible future scenarios
Government tourist agencies can provide valuable statistics and data regarding trends in tourism. Use this information to identify future scenarios and consider how CBT fits within the wider tourism landscape.

Identify the CBT as a ‘value-add’
Consider how CBT might complement or add value to nearby activities. Identifying how the CBT product both fits with and adds value to mainstream tourism experiences will help to position CBT as an attractive option.

Aim to collaborate rather than compete
Collaborate with managers of surrounding tourist sites. Tourism operators can refer visitors to each other’s destinations. Rather than competing, consider ways to work together and encourage tourists to visit multiple destinations in the local area.

Tourist destinations do not have to be site specific
CBT can be based around a series of sites rather than one specific community; this can be an effective strategy for attracting visitors looking for variety or a ‘whole tourism experience’.

The role of government tourism agencies
These agencies have a role to play in coordinating the development of tourism sites. Connecting with tourism authorities and other government stakeholders will help to position CBT in the wider market.


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